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Sultan Restaurant Turkish BBQ
A larger sultan’s palace

Great news has arrived: Sultan has enlarged its venue which means you don’t have to fight for a seat at this popular Turkish restaurant during busy periods.
There are two new floors with different styles of decorations above the former venue to meet the demand of its booming business. The second floor features main tones of white and golden color, which offers an elegant and relaxed atmosphere. While the third floor offers five VIP rooms of different colors as themes, including blue, green, red and purple. The velvet chairs and marble tables make you fell like in sultan’s palace of the Ottoman era.
As they also have more space for kitchen, they will start to prepare a range of new dishes to offer more choice for the guests prior to the next trade fair.

// Daily 10am - 1am. Add.: G/F, 367 Huanshi Dong Lu, Between La Perle and Friendship Store (8349 4170 / 8349 4171) 托普卡皮土耳其烧烤餐厅, 环市东路367号1楼 (丽柏广场与友谊商店夹位处)

In China Sultan BBQ is selected as the Sultan of restaurants

MUSTAFA GÃœN   -   18.03.2011


In China Sultan BBQ is selected as the Sultan of restaurants

MUSTAFA GÃœN   -   18.03.2011

Mardin businessman Ä°brahim Halil Sezer, with the restaurant he started in China became one of the best among the restaurants. Restaurant that cater to 500 people a day, for 5 consecutive years won 'award for the best restaurant', in the competition organized by a popular magazine.

Economic crisis a nightmare for businessmen. Planning in advance the precautions of avoiding damage areas at the crisis helps them to survive, during the crisis wind, some traders collapse. They fire workers, get smaller, sometimes completely off the job location and looks for other areas for investment. Mardin businessman Halil Ibrahim Sezer (45), was one of the victim of this crisis wind. It was such a crisis wind that Sezer found himself in China. He is among the best Restaurant Businessmen in China now. His Restaurant is serving 500 people daily. Sultan named restaurant of Sezer, for 5 consecutive years won 'award for the best restaurant' in the competition organized by a popular magazine.

The economic crisis knocked Sezer's door in 2001. It was only the first year in his bussiness... İbrahim Halil Sezer, closed his business in textile area which he started in 2000 at İstanbul Nişantaşı due to economical crisis in 2001. His Chinese customers started purchasing items from the domestic market and due to this he decided to look for his chances in China and and moved to Guangzhou. Sezer started operating in textile area in Guangzhou which is the third big city of China and observed the need for restaurant business and decided to make a move. Sezer, by the encouragement of his close friends opened Sultan Restaurant and with the Turkish-Ottoman cuisine he became the first in food industry when they talk about food.

Among Sultan'a customers Turks and Middle Eastern people are at the top of the list but it has continous customers from various other nationalities too. To raise the best taste of meals; for barbaque from Adana and Gaziantep, for Turkish food from Bolu, for baking and sweets from Gaziantep, for doner from Bursa they have hired different professionals said Sezer and added, "Everyday besides barbaque meals, 7 different Turkish meals, Turkish baklavas and milk sweets are served. Ayran, tea and coffee are also among the most ordered drinks."

Sezer's success is appreciated by the Chinese media too, local newspapers and TV's mentioned about him in their news. Guangzhou's most popular city magazine RRD That's, between 2006-2010 among 'Turkish, Moslim and Middle Eastern' categories 'the best restaurant' 'the best businessmen of the year' awarded him prizes. Sezer said, "Prizes are proofs of that we are on the right track. Chinese government is not generating any problems therefor we are improving ourselves every year. Since the area of Sultan is not sufficient enough we decided to enlarge our place this year".

Sezer mentioned that, after the start of direct flights from İstanbul to Guangzhou by Türk Hava Yolları (THY) his business started growing, and the travellers of THY are among the continous customers of Sultan BBQ.