Sultan Restaurant is a western style restaurant that is specialized in the most exotic Turkish Cuisine Which includes charcoal grilled Barbeques, Doner Kebab, freshly baked Turkish pizza, Hot & Cold Appetizers, Hot & Cold Drinks, Fresh Fruits & Drinks, Desserts, Daily Food Choices by our chefs, and variety of selections from Ala Carte Menu etc. offering lots of variety and plentiful choices...

Our customers are local people as well as multi-national. Our international customers are mix of people and come from many countries around the world.

The restaurant is situated in a vibrant business centre of Guangzhou, located between high class ‘La Perle Shopping centre’ and ‘Guangzhou Friendship Store’.

Sultan Restaurant offer a very elegant, relaxed and happy romantic environment that makes you feel you are in comfort of sultans’ palace of the Ottoman era. Once you walk through the doors, you are instantly transported to the exotic Middle Eastern Culture.

The Sultan Restaurant Turkish BBQ has been awarded with the Best Food & Dining awards in successive years since 2005 in its category. The happy and elegant atmosphere of Sultan Restaurant combined with warm and friendly customer service, and competitively good prices makes Sultan Restaurant the city favorite place to meet for a tasteful and memorable dining weather it is for a friendly get together or business meeting.

As for the menu, you can choose from a wide selection of Turkish cuisine (considered to be one of the three main cuisines in the world) that includes charcoal grilled Barbeques, Doner Kebab, freshly baked Turkish pizza, fresh puff & pide Bread, delicious and irresistible Hot & Cold Appetizers, Desserts including cultural favorites baklava & kadayif, Fresh Fruits & Drinks, Daily Food Choices, and a variety of selections from Ala Carte Menu offers you good and plentiful choices... We serve Traditional Turkish Tea, Coffee & Ayran. One of our specialty food includes charcoal grilled kebabs that come with succulent juicy meats. For meatier dishes, you can choose from the world most famous beef and chicken doner kebab including Iskender kebab that comes with yoghurt sauce & herbs. What’s more; freshly prepared salads, freshly baked Turkish pizza selections will increase your appetite.